MQTT Messages

MQTT Protocol is the first-class citizen of JoinBase.

In JoinBase, we provide a MQTT server, can be seen as a common MQTT broker. So IoT devices just send MQTT messages to JoinBase server, then JoinBase will store data reliably for you. Finally, you can do fastest real-time IoT data analysis on top of stored bigdata via an easy SQL compatible language at any moment. All these are done in the one-stop JoinBase. There is no need to use any other systems or tools.

Working Modes

There are two common working modes or scenarios for JoinBase:

  1. Connections from direct MQTT clients on kinds of IoT devices.

This mode is highly recommended because we support the top performance in world record level all-in-one product.

If you want to use existed brokers, you can start two connections in your device to connect: one for your broker and one for the JoinBase.

  1. Connections from MQTT brokers on the bridge mode.

If the above direct connection mode cannot be achieved immediately, you can use this working mode. We provide an excellent dedicated MQTT bridge. For detailed configuration and usage, please refer to here. But please note that the message writing performance will be highly limited by your front-end broker, usually by orders of magnitude lower.

MQTT Message to Table Mapping

In order for the message to be correctly stored in the appropriate database table, we have made the following conventions:

TableMQTT Message
db_name.table_name(3.1.1) topic: /db_name/table_name
(5.0) user properties: { "JoinBase.database": "db_name", "JoinBase.table": "table_name"}
JoinBase supports a payload mapping mechanism for mapping the payload to the database table.