Basic configuration for JoinBase.

In JoinBase, we hope to that was extremely complex and difficult to control in the traditional database system or big data platform.

Philosophy of JoinBase's Config

Config should be done in:

  1. all-in-one place
  2. show main configurable items that the system exposes to users
  3. self-explained
  4. reasonable default value

You can use the above standards to configure JoinBase in the $JoinBase_HOME/base.conf (toml format file).


The only item in conf file you should change in the first time is:

  • directories of your data, schema, log and WAL(Write-Ahead Logging).

Because JoinBase is a database system. It will definitely save users' data into some places of users' disks. Therefore, we believe, it is best to let users explicitly specify and reserve a suitable space for the database, from both the privacy and system work's perspectives.