Dedicated MQTT Bridge

We provide a dedicated MQTT bridge to allow existing broker-based architectures for experiencing the JoinBase seamlessly.

For fully access to all innovations and powers of JoinBase, it is recommended to use the client direct connection mode.

However, If the above direct connection mode cannot be achieved immediately, you can use this working mode. We also provide an dedicated MQTT bridge for existing users, who want to explore the JoinBase without making any changes to your existing architectures.

Finally, please note that, the message writing performance in the bridge mode will be highly limited by your front-end broker, usually by orders of magnitude lower.



Get a helpfull information.

$ oibb --help

There is a template configuration file base TOML under the config directory, which can be modified as needed.

$ vim ./config/bridge.toml


You can change the log output level by setting BASE_LOG environment variable.

$ BASE_LOG=info oibb --config ./config/bridge.toml


NOTE to make sure it won't lose data, don't kill the process directly, it can receive a TERM signal to shutdown normally.

$ pkill -TERM oibb