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JoinBase, the first, fastest, end-to-end database for IoT. For free.

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MQTT Protocol Native

MQTT messages becomes the first-class citizen of database. Just send MQTT messages from devices, then you get real-time insights in joinbase.

End-to-End Database

First end-to-end database dedicated for full IoT domain. No more MQTT broker + Kafka + MongoDB + time series DBs or other bigdata monsters.

Massive Online Devices

Near ten million sustained MQTT messages per second and physical IoT devices connections per node have been reached on the first version.


General relational SQL model is supported with IoT natural ACID. No awkward dialects. Query intuitively with powerful domain extensions.

Cloud Edge in One

Support mainstream CPU architectures(X86, ARM, RISC-V) from day one. Run joinbase from edges to clouds without any functionality loss.

Top Adhoc Performance

joinbase's hardware accelerated, vectorized and exclusively crafted engine are pushing the power of modern hardware to the limit.

DevOps Free

No coding and DBA required. Three minutes to get started with adaptive full IoT spectrum. Built-in HA brings analytic scale-out in high availability.

PostgreSQL Compatibility

Support PostgreSQL wire protocol. No strange toolings. Feel free to use wide and powerful PostgreSQL clients and drivers to work with joinbase.

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Why JoinBase

JoinBase Cloud Preview
JoinBase Enterprise
Time Series Databases
Databases or Bigdata Systems
MQTT TCP Protocol Support
MQTT TLS Protocol SupportN/A
All-in-one workload
SQL Syntax CompatibilityPartial
PostgreSQL Wire Protocol InterfaceN/APartial
(except PG and dedicated)
Reliable Storage
within ACID
Write Performance
Max Sustained MQTT Messages
Per Second Per Node
8.4 Millions18.4 Millions2
Write Performance
Physical TCP Connections
Per Node
~ 10 Millions~ 10 MillionsLowVery Low
Analytical Query Performance
Top1Top3LowVery Low
Analytical Query Performance
DevOps Free Automation
Open Product
(supports X86, ARM, RISC-V)
Private DeploymentN/AN/AN/A
Support ServiceCommunityDedicated EngineersN/AN/A
(Total Cost of Ownership)
Very LowVery Low
(More Saving for Private Deployment)
HighVery High

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Obtained on two AWS EC2 m6a.16xlarge instances (1 server, 1 client). Read our benchmark for more.


The detail results are varied for queries. Read our benchmark for more.